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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Approaches

With Halloween nearing, we thought it might be a good time to do a little posting blitz. Get ready for some rapid-fire posts on ghosts, ghouls, witchcraft and Halloween traditions leading up to the big day - something like what we did last year, sans corny name (Condenser Maga-ween? Really, what were we thinking?) Hope you enjoy!

And to kick it off, here's a clipping from Sharpe's London Magazine (1846) regarding Irish Halloween traditions:

" Every house ... abounds in the best viands they can afford; apples and nuts are devoured in abundance; the nutshells are burnt, and from the ashes many strange things are foretold : cabbages are torn up by the roots; hemp-seed is sown by the maidens, and they believe that if they look back they will see the apparition of the man intended for their future spouse : they hang a smock before the fire on the close of the feast, and sit up all night concealed in a corner of the room, convinced that his apparition will come down the chimney and turn the smock: they throw a ball of yarn out of the window, and wind it on a reel within, convinced that if they repeat the Pater Noster backwards, and look at the ball of yarn without, they will then also see his sith or apparition. These, and many other superstitious ceremonies, the remains of Druidism, are observed on this holiday."

Image via this site, which also offers a bunch more great vintage card graphics.

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